Music Production, Video Production, and Voice Over Recording in Westchester

About Us

Award-winning media content producer, Adam Harley, uses his unique background in advertising, video production, music production, sound engineering, sound design & arranging to build your brand.

After experiencing much success founding video production company Future Hype Media and music production company Gnome Music Studio, Adam Harley created Production Deluxe as a home for both video and music production. Production deluxe is now able to offer its clients the best in audio, music, and video production. It’s a home for music, jingles, voiceovers, radio, scoring, ADR, mixing, as well as video content creation, post production, and editing i.e. broadcast cable TV commercials, web videos, training videos, and event videos.

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Our Team

No Weak Links
Justin Gild, Music Producer, Arranger, Session Guitarist

Justin Gild is a NYC based producer/songwriter/session guitar player. Working with Justin is always a pleasure and the results he delivers are unmatched.

Mark Buono, Mixing Engineer

Mark has worked on a variety of musical styles ranging from pop, reggae, hard rock, metal, pop-rock, R&B, and gospel and has spent the last 12 years enginnering, producing, and mixing. He is also a musician, and plays drums, guitar and bass.

Pete Romano, Audio Post Specialist

Pete is a master of Dolby 5.1 mixing, sound design, foley, ADR, VO and creating custom scores and jingles.

Jeff N, Motion Graphics Artist

Jeff is a 2D computer animator specializing in Adobe After Effects. He graduated from University of the Arts in 2010 and has been creating sleek motion graphics ever since.