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Radio broadcasts are usually the background to our daily activities--what we listen to while driving to work or cleaning the house. At Production Deluxe, we produce radio spots that jump out from the background and bring the listener’s imagination to life. We cast the best voice talent to project a company’s message. We understand that a voice over is about more than reading words, it’s about how the words leap from the page to the radio and all the non-verbal communication in between. We match each spot with appropriate, licensed, music and direct and record the voiceovers in our state of the art studio where we perfect each radio spot. We can also provide in house jingle writing services.

How do we deliver a great broadcast that meets your needs?

Production Deluxe values every client’s vision. As we move from preproduction to the final broadcast, we consider your company’s needs at every step of the process. We get to know your business and your message which we illuminate through exceptional script development and creative direction. We match your spot with the right script, talent, and music to make an ear-catching experience for radio listeners. Production Deluxe can help your company get the kind of attention you have been looking for.

What makes a radio production successful?

A successful radio production grabs a listener’s attention because of it’s high-quality recording and well-developed content. It should be unforgettable. Whether we find ourselves humming a jingle in a grocery store or laughing at a joke at the gym, a great radio spot should pull us in, not simply provide the background music to our everyday lives. With our state of the art recording studio, dedication to making radio spots tailored to your company’s needs, and ability to finish a product on time and on budget, Production Deluxe can produce successful radio spots for companies like yours.



What people are saying about us
Jim Todd, CEO, North Forty Productions

"Working with Adam Harley is a real treat. We have relied on Adam for everything from supervising the building of new audio rooms, to mixing music, to filming and editing video projects, to casting and producing radio and web-based audio-only material. He is a one-stop, professional, personable, and extremely reliable resource in SO many ways. We feel lucky to have found him, you will too."

Olivia Baker, Producer, Goodby Silverstein & Partners

"When searching for a recording studio in the Westchester area, I called around to a few places and most were unable to assist with my agency’s (patching record) needs. I discovered Production Deluxe and immediately was put at ease when I spoke with Adam. He knew exactly what we were looking for and was able to book, record and output files at a moment’s notice. Would highly recommend PD to anyone looking for a quality recording studio and friendly, professional services."

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Adrienne Garland, Deare 2 Marketing

"Working with Adam on an eHarmony campaign has been an absolute pleasure. He took the time up front to understand what my overall objective was and what success would look like and delivered an end product that was spot on! I would hire Adam again without question and would highly recommend him for any video or audio production project - large or small."

Naomi Norman, Associate Creative Director

I just finished my first project with Adam – a :60 radio spot – and can’t wait to do another. He is a true professional – knowledgeable, patient and very accommodating. With Adam, not only do you get a superb sound engineer, but also a talented musician who can help you choose and edit the perfect track for your spot – whether it be radio or video. Best of all, he’s just such a nice guy to work with. I highly recommend him.

Naomi Norman, Creative Director

Gaby Gold, Voiceover Artist

"Adam sets you at ease the moment you walk into his studio. His demeanor combined with the high quality of his studio equipment and finely designed space set the scene for a successful recording session. He makes sure you are comfortable, offering you a selection of seating choices for the recording booth, fresh bottled water and a selection of hot teas. He is very intelligent, worldly and creative. I highly recommend him as a voiceover producer."

James Maher, Manager, Genesis Media

"Time after time Adam has come through with flying colors while working under the last minutes requests I constantly throw him. He has given up his weekend on more than one occasion to accommodate me. I highly recommend him....even if you aren't working with a crazy deadline."