Commercial Video Production in Westchester


At Production Deluxe, we are passionate about the relationships we create while helping businesses realize their goals through the power of video. We are dedicated to creating films that look spectacular and sound amazing.

Our mission is to create compelling high quality video content for local and regional businesses, as well as non-profit organizations that don't have the large budgets traditionally associated with the big brands.

How do we deliver the same great results at much lower cost?

Recent technological advances allow for us to use much smaller crews and less bulky equipment, which saves substantial amounts of money. These savings are then passed on to our clients, allowing even a mom and pop or regional business to enjoy Hollywood style production values at a fraction of the cost.

Commercial Video Production in progress in Westchester, NY


A video production is a blend of both technical skill and artistic flair, requiring the expertise of a director than can work well with actors, a cinematographer that can photograph a great image, and behind the scenes personnel to coordinate everything from casting to delivering the final product. Putting it all together is an art form unto itself — an art form that we at Production Deluxe have mastered in order to produce great results for companies like yours.

We will develop an understanding of your products or services, collaborate on a vision, and then execute the project on time and on budget.




What people are saying about us
Carmen J. Carozza, Founder, at Media Guest Connect

"Adam and his company provided me with an exceptional product. This was done by listening to my needs, analyzing the best course of action and communicating every step, then producing a great video that is the highlight of the homepage on my website."

Joyce Meng, CEO, Givology

"Adam is truly fantastic! He put a lot of dedication into our launch video, which exceeded even our highest expectations. His work is extremely professional, creative, and delivered with a lot of passion and expertise. Moreover, he's very responsive and communicative. Even though we are a non-profit organization that couldn't pay the same rate as a commercial firm, we felt that Adam gave our project 100% of his focus and we're incredibly satisfied with the final result. We highly recommend him and his team - they care a lot about contributing to social causes."

Gene Cortes, Founder, Clarkstown International Collision

"I have been in business for 20 years and in that time, advertising my business on television has been very important to me. When I set out to make a new commercial, I was looking for something different; I was tired of the typical local cable commercials. Adam is a master at what he does and knew exactly how to make our business and employees shine in a way that no one had ever been able to do. What started out as one 30 second commercial project turned into a documentary about our family business and a web video introducing our business for our website. Adam's ideas and insight are unmatched. He was always available by phone or email for questions and he was incredibly accommodating to my busy schedule. It was amazing to me that someone with no collision repair background could create such an amazing piece of work about our business and really touch the audience with our story. The artistic quality and style of his work is in a class all its own and I will always look to him for future projects to advertise my business. I really can't say enough about him. We went from your typical local cable commercials to Hollywood-style advertisements that our customers are very impressed with! Thank you Adam for giving a fresh new face to our ads!"

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Karyl Caplan, Executive Director, ARC of Rockland

"With professionalism and sensitivity, Adam Harley created a beautiful video for ARC of Rockland highlighting the value of Early Intervention Services for children with developmental delays and disabilities. Adam took the time to thoroughly understand the story and then presented that story with sincerity,compassion and expertise."

Jim Todd, CEO, North Forty Productions

"Working with Adam Harley is a real treat. We have relied on Adam for everything from supervising the building of new audio rooms, to mixing music, to filming and editing video projects, to casting and producing radio and web-based audio-only material. He is a one-stop, professional, personable, and extremely reliable resource in SO many ways. We feel lucky to have found him, you will too."

Annette Ring, Financial Services Marketing & Communications

Adam and I worked together for 3 days at the LendIt USA 2016 in San Francisco. His experience was invaluable to me! As a first-time video content producer, it was crucial that I work with someone who already had a trained-eye behind the camera and a full bag of tricks from which to draw inspiration. Adam guided me through interview sessions with CEOs and provided ideas for content generation every step of the way. Adam was also crucial in directing our trade cameraman, making sure the camera's focus and lighting would produce usable footage. Plus, he was a pleasure to work with during some very long and taxing days running around a large-scale hotel conference and expo hall. In short, I highly recommend Adam for his expertise and professional capabilities.

Anya Wallach, Producer/Artistic Director, The Random Farms Kids Theater

"The promotional video Adam made for The Random Farms Kids Theater is beautiful. It is beyond what I ever could have hoped for. The shots are stunning; the editing is flawless the music is incredible. I can't believe how much time and thought was put into this project. I love how Adam was able to work with my vision, yet guide the piece to places that I couldn't have even imagined."

Heather Koubek Jameson, Owner, Yemaya Massage & Wellness Center

"Adam provided my business Yemaya Massages & Wellness Center with a fabulous 30 second commercial that I am now airing on Cablevision. He took great care to get to know me and my business which ensured the end result representing Yemaya exactly as I had envisioned."

Chris Koulouris, Director of Marketing, CVISION Technologies

"I recently completed a project with Adam. The project entailed filming client testimonials for our website. The project, and the work completed by Adam greatly exceeded my expectations. In the future, I would be excited to work with Adam and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone."

Carla Fisher, Teacher, Star Kidz

"The video he created for the after-school program where I teach, Star Kidz, was extraordinary. It told the company's story and teaching philosophy in gorgeous HD. If you are in need of an eye-catching, non-cheesy and engaging video take a look at what he's done. It's nothing short of impressive."

James Maher, Manager, Genesis Media

"Time after time Adam has come through with flying colors while working under the last minutes requests I constantly throw him. He has given up his weekend on more than one occasion to accommodate me. I highly recommend him....even if you aren't working with a crazy deadline."

Tim Idoni, Westchester County Clerk

Adam immediately understood the look and feel I wanted and expertly guided me through design and production of my campaign ad. I was extremely pleased with the high quality ad which resulted.

Steven J. Palermo, Esquire

Our project was handled both professionally and expeditiously. We are extremely pleased with the final product. You were able to create a unique and creative video that stands out among our competition. Also, You were somehow able to make us all comfortable on camera. I have shown the video to over one hundred people and have had nothing but positive reactions. We look forward to working with you in the future and will not hesitate to recommend you to friends and family.