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IT Computer Support and Solutions in Westchester, NY

At Production Deluxe we view your computer systems and network as a mission critical system that simply can’t be non-operational. We can help prevent issues, resolve any that arise, and advance you to a safe and secure environment. Our 10+ years of experience providing hardware, software and networking service and support to help your computer systems stay happy and healthy with minimal downtime. Our certified technicians are available to offer both remote and on-site computer support to both business and residential locations. Allow our experienced staff to come to you, and get you back up and running quickly.

What makes our IT solutions successful?

IT solutions are a blend of project management, technical skill, and artistic flair, requiring the expertise of a project manager that has a tremendous knowledgebase of all current and upcoming technologies, as well as a technician that can install, maintain, and repair each part of your IT infrastructure. Putting it all together is an art form unto itself — an art form that we at Production Deluxe have mastered in order to produce great results for companies like yours. We will develop an understanding of your needs, collaborate on a vision, and then execute the project on time and on budget.


What people are saying about us
Pete Romano, CEO Joey Creative Agency

How do you sum up Adam Harley in one word? "Quintessential" - as in: Quintessential problem solver. Quintessential technician. Quintessential strategist. Quintessential stalwart. As someone who has hired Adam for years, and hopes to be able to continue to hire Mr. Harley for years to come, there are simply certain tasks in this world that can only get done by one person. That person is Adam Harley.

James Maher, Manager, Genesis Media

"Time after time Adam has come through with flying colors while working under the last minutes requests I constantly throw him. He has given up his weekend on more than one occasion to accommodate me. I highly recommend him....even if you aren't working with a crazy deadline."